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Easy tips to make your office look cleaner in under 10 minutes

Get rid of all loose papers. Piles of folders, receipts and post-its tend to look messy.

How many of the pens on your desk actually work? Take a minute to throw out the ones that are broken or that you just don’t like using. Grab a coffee cup or a jar from the pantry and use it to store all your favourite pens.

Check your walls. Little stains on the wall make a room look messy. Wipe them off, or if that is not possible anymore; use some wall-coloured spray paint to cover up the stains.

The public areas should always look presentable. Displayed magazines, books and brochures for waiting customers should be up to date and stacked neatly. Check them and recycle ripped, folded and old reading materials.

Clean windows are really important if clients are coming over for a visit. But besides that, clean windows allow for more natural daylight to shine through. More light = better productivity, so quickly make an appointment with one of our professional cleaners!

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